We offer a fantastic range of menus all using fresh and seasonal ingredients.  We are able to cater to any budget.  Don’t let our name make you question whether you are able to afford our services and do not think we are expensive.  We are Dorset Fine Dining because we offer fine food across the board, cooked with passion in our kitchen in the heart of the Dorset Countryside.  We are able to offer very relaxed and informal service as well as high end when needed.

We are discreet and professional.  We work with you from the start to finish, helping sort all the things which might cause a headache, from the food, venue, marquees, cutlery, crockery, glassware, decorations.  We cover it all, so you are able to relax and know things are being sorted for you.

Our pricing is very competitive and as mentioned earlier, are able to work to a budget you have set.

I am very creative and love to offer a different take on things and arrange statement pieces for your special day, such as bespoke canapé station with boat, fishing nets, seafood, driftwood or a dessert buffet with miniature desserts and retro sweets, just a couple of ideas.  Anything is possible.

Free tasting sessions are what we push for, it gives you a chance to try the food before committing, allowing for you to make changes and get things right for the special day.

After an initial quote its best to arrange a meeting so we can then go through the quote and rework it if necessary, so you are happy with everything.


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